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Hi I have a hypothetical question one of my friends had situation like this occur and your opinion would really help her to know whether she is acting appropriately, kay here's the question " Your boyfriend/girlfriend is off at college and is living alone in a dorm, one night his /her friend of the opposite sex stays the night in there dorm alone with them sleeping on separate beds, this friend is in a relationship bu f your boyfriend/girlfriend has a naturally flirtatious personality and also can't tell when someone has feelings for them. . . How does this make you feel?
Im sorry this post doesn't really have to do with anime but my friend could really see your advice :)
Thus is a great quote!
love me some Mark Twain. but in terms of giving advice, I'd say your friend needs to check themselves on their insecurities. part of being in a relationship is trusting your partner. you have to trust that they wouldn't do anything you wouldn't want them to do. if you can't trust your partner, maybe you shouldn't be with them.
I Agree With @VinMcCarthy
It's not that she doesn't trust him, she knows they won't do anything but she feels it's inappropriate for her boyfriend to be sleeping alone with girls especially since they've only known each other for a month. I agree with her it's weird for her boyfriend to sleep alone in a room with a girl he barely knows, @VinMcCarthy and BlueStar2222