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That's a question I ask myself everyday. Okay, maybe I only ask myself that when I watch actual baseball (which is recently because the Mets and sports and they're doing good stuff that all my friends apparently care enough about to put on Instagram).
Angels in the Outfield is one of those movies that my brother and I would constantly watch on rainy Saturdays. It's not one we ever put too much thought in and I don't know if we laughed every time we saw the "zany" parts. But it definitely was a part of our respective childhood experiences.
(We were also raised very religious so the thought of Angels helping a baseball team was the coolest thing our pre-teened heads could imagine)
But the folks over at College Humor decided to answer that question with the best possible response. A parody 30-for-30 (the documentary series that goes into specific moments in sports history) about the team in the movie.
Other than completely rubbing the nostalgia part of my brain, I thought it was pretty funny to watch/listen to people take the events of this movie as if they were real. One of my favorite moments in the parody video is the way they talk about the 90s as a crazy time for sports and then they start to cite other weird sports movies that came out during that era.
It made me wish that College Humor (or anyone really) did more of these faux 30-for-30s. One thing about myself I don't generally talk about is my absolute love for sports movies. I don't really care if they're dramatic or comedic, I love watching them. Any of them. Especially when the focus is on the team and the way they work together to win or not win (in the case of Coach Carter) the championship that's important to them at any given time.
If you've seen this movie, it's definitely something you'll want to watch when you get the chance. If you're into this movie and you're into sports, then I promise that you'll really get a kick out of it.
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@Kirooken Are you talking about the WS?
Oh my god I'm crying 馃槀
"It was Angels. I don't even know how to do steroids." Bahahahahahaha
@KyleBerke haha yeah it was great
@BossDominata that was the best part for me especially that little wink at the end hahaha