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In Mexico City, Mexico, there was a beautiful young woman named Maria. She was very poor and grew as a peasant. However her beauty was so astounding, even wealthy men desired her. Her eyes were emerald green and her hair was a gentle dark chestnut brown. As Maria grew older, she became more beautiful.
One day as Maria walked along the road with her grandmother, she met a handsome man who was visiting the town for trade. His name was Gregorio Ventura. He was a very wealthy man that was swooned by Maria鈥檚 intense beauty. Soon after, he asked her hand in marriage and took care of her the best he knew how. Gregorio lavished Maria with gifts and love.
Maria was the envy the town -- she had everything she had ever wanted. She was beautiful, she found love with a handsome man, and now she was one of the richest women in Mexico City.
She then gave birth to two very handsome young boys. They had their mother's smile, and their father's charm.
A few years after Maria gave birth to her two sons, her husband was beginning to lose interest in her. He wanted to be with a much more refined woman from a higher class. He was no longer attracted to Maria, and he just wanted more. Maria's beauty was becoming a dim to Gregorio's eyes.
One day as Maria walked hand-in-hand with her sons along the riverbank, she saw her husband's carriage approach them.
As the carriage moved away from the dark, she saw the face of another woman sitting inside of the carriage. The woman was very elegant, dressed in fine, expensive clothing. Her husband made no contact with Maria, and only paid attention to their sons. He gave them gifts and told each of them how special and dear they were to him. He completely ignored Maria and rode away in the carriage with his mistress.
Maria was boiled in rage as she watched the carriage pull away into the darkness. She was so upset, the riverbank shook with terrible screams. She grabbed her two sons by the neck and flung their small bodies to the rushing river.
Their throats gasped and gargled, begging for help. She watched her sons bang against the still rocks and then their bobbing heads finally disappeared.
A few moments later, she realized what she had done and guilt swallowed her. Maria screamed and cried down the street asking for her children.

"Oh my boys! My boys! What have I done?!"

She then went over to the riverbank and drowned herself.

To this day, it is said that she haunts the area. You can hear her screams and cries for her baby boys piercing even through the town.

As she haunts the riverbank where she drowned her son, it is said that she preys on other young children that resembles her own.

I'm going to use this story to tell it to my kids on Halloween night. Bwahahaha!!!! 馃槇 lol 馃槈
the cry. @alywoah
@melissamae what is the movie called/
creepy! !
ive been hearing a lot about this and saw a movie about it.
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