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This is Why I Have Trust Issues


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Is Baekhyun the only one left with nutella abs? Even Chen and Chanyeol beefed up
Baekhyun started to work out but he recently told us he gave up because there are to many delicious foods in the world. lol
Oh how gorgeous our squishy is becoming!!!! I agree, I think he's doing this on purpose.... little brat *faints with a smile*
Okay now WTF D.O at first I thought you was just some cute guy being dorky but them you want to beef up really I.. ugh.. I just can't WTF why is every guy starting to get sexy when I'm with Jackson like come on why couldn't y'all do that before Oppa Jackson ugh I didn't even like D.O but now I'm not so sure what I like. I swear D.O your so rude, mean, and hurtful. **runaway crying**