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Any Kpop AND Jpop Fans!?
I used to be SO into J-pop back in the day, and its actually the reason I found Kpop!

Does anyone else listen to J-pop, or listened to it in the past?

I don't keep up with it anymore but I LOVED News (especially Tegoshi Yuya) and basically all of Johnny's Entertainment :)
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omg anyone from Johnny's entertianment is just too much haha. I really like J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE and Perfume for J-pop. If we're talking J-rock, then I like Vamps, The Gazette, and Breakerz but no one outshines my baby Yasu (Acid Black Cherry) ^^.
Is anyone into An.Cafe? I dont think they're doing anything anymore but I really liked them...visual kei/jrock!
I listen to AAA all the time! I have a select few songs from anime on my phone too.