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I didn't know who Carlos Baena was before I came across this IndieGogo video for an animated horror film he's been working on for a couple of years now. And I doubt that you have either. Another thing we have in common, other than not knowing Baena's name, is that we probably enjoyed some of his work being that he's worked at Pixar as an animator.
To me, knowing someone has worked with/for Pixar is enough of a sign of approval of their quality of work. And being that I'm in the mood for creepy things, I just had to check out La Noria, the aforementioned animation film he's been working on.
From the video below, Baena lets us know that he's pushing for a 2016 release and needs a little more help from, well, anyone interested in helping him out by donating to his IndieGogo.
Baena's La Noria follows a young boy who draws and builds ferris wheels but after going through a devastating loss, he comes across monsters that change his life. While it seems like a creepy, horrifying tale, Baena says that it's a deeply personal story that represents a dark time in his life.
At the end of the video, Baena gives us a short tease of what to expect from the full film. And it looks beautiful, striking, and of course, terrifying.
The subtleties in the teaser are the things that really get me excited about the full film. The lighting in the scene really sets the mood visually and the sound design is so spot on (see: perfect) I already felt the hairs on the back of my neck standing up [also, I watched the whole video with headphones on, like I tend to do so it was really easy to appreciate the aural side of the scene].
This isn't really a call to action to you guys to donate to Baena's IndieGogo the way I'm going to. But just to keep it on your radar until this film finally comes out. I'm definitely excited for what this movie could be when it's finally finished.
This looks really cool ^_^
@alywoah yeah definitely. i really hope they get the funding they need. it looks really intense