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Lol so I edit this pic hahah I added the bubbles πŸ˜† and what they are saying too ^_^ I hope you guys like it hehehe Since @shannonl5 and @LAVONYORK have been posting a lot of pics of both of them fighting all the time (and I put one as well lol) x) this pic will make sense lol in manny of the pics they are fighting or shooting jokes at each other lol so this pic πŸ˜† alone they look like there BEST BUDS hahah but the comic bubbles trellis the truth LOL I hope you guys like my edit! =^_^=
I know Wade wants to kiss him Lmao. Him and Peter have the ulimate friendship, they have each other's back Eventhough Wade can be a handful... Lol he is a had full to write about.. Btw Deadpool approves of your message Lmao
@CalebOrr haha true true :)
@MoisEsGaray ohhh its hard to tell with all that red lol
@CalebOrr lol no there pounding it :) hahah
is, is spider man checking his watch, through his suit?!?
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