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But first, props to this cosplayer.

Whoever this lone hero is, we should give him our love. Whether this was a visual pun that didn't quite translate, or a bizarre but creative take on one of our favorite characters: mad props. Cosplayer, I salute you!

To celebrate, here are some fun facts about Wolverine!

1. His first appearance wasn't until the 1970s, making him one of the younger comic book characters.
2. He's the only character to appear in every single X-men film.
3. Like a lot of other characters we know and love, at one point he was reprogrammed by Hydra.
4. One time the Hulk ripped him in half. It wasn't fun.
5. In the comics, he can identify shape-shifters, and can tell when people are lying.
6. He's over 100 years old.
7. He's 5'3, making him one of the shortest Marvel characters.
8. He was originally a Wolverine that was then turned into a human.
9. He knows at least 18 different languages.
10. His birth name is James Howlett, not Logan.
Who else is all about Wolverine? @cab200 @ShonA @konaskorner @thatperson512 @LukyLuciano @AbelLara @MikeWolf @DestinyyRose @Beastboy93 @michaelMahoney @kenyatta619 @HatakeKakashi @AimeeH @ChibiFox @imTANNERthanU @Namrow can anyone else think of more trivia about the character that I missed?
Wolverine once punched a guy so hard, Chuck Norris nodded in approval
Well there is always Wikipedia @LAVONYORK.
he and several other x-men went to asgard and he nearly permanent died from Níðhöggr's venom
correction, he was death not war
@LAVONYORK yeah, that is correct. I felt bad for him. he is always getting brain washed or mind control in some way.
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