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We know Charles Barkley can be brutally honest sometimes. He just doesn't give a shit about what others think.

And he wasn't going to hold back his thoughts about the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here is a tweet form Gary Washburn, national basketball writer and Celtics reporter for the Boston Globe.

How many basketball teams are there in California?

Well let's take a look.

The Los Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors, the Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Clippers....?

Yeap. That's four basketball teams in California. Then who are the Sparks?
The Los Angeles Sparks is an WNBA team based in California.

And this might sound unfair to all my Lakers fans...but the Sparks had a winning percentage of 41.2 while the Lakers had 25.6.

What are you going to say about that Kobe? You mad bro?

@JerryNogueda Haha the fact that Barkley said the Lakers would be the fifth best team in California if the Sparks played in the NBA?
That's a good one
in all honestly i agree with charles. the lakers are Bad but then again kobe cant stay healthy. what he should of compared is lakers with kobe n lakers without kobe...
Their rebuilding, all teams go through this. Barkley is just jealous because he has no rings.
@BrandonMcNeil That's very true. But you can't solely rely on Kobe at this point...he's a great player and all but he's too old.
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