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Pretty funny, or kinda creepy?

This photo of Ricarra Schock, her Homecoming date, and her father Benjamin now has over 3 million views and thousands of Facebook shares. It's officially gone viral, and at first, was taken as a pretty humorous example of the classic Overprotective Dad trope.
But other analyses point out that this whole Overprotective Dad thing might be a little dated. I don't wholly agree with this Alternet article by Mary Elizabeth Williams, but I do think she has one particularly good point – even the phrasing of the image text provides an example of how we as a culture view sex. It's something men do to women, that women are the passive recipients of. Where's the daughter's agency? Where's her choice?
Ricarra is still only 16 years old, much younger than I was when I lost my virginity, so I understand that her parents still want to protect her from getting used or mistreated by an opportunistic guy. But our Overprotective Dad complex is doing guys a disservice too – by assuming they're all creeps who want to take advantage of our little girls.
Overall, I think this is a slightly humorous, if a little crude, photo taken in good fun – that makes me think about yet another weird problem in modern society.
look at the young boy's face! he's enjoying both photos
Maybe it's just because I am male, but I didn't find this creepy or disturbing. The truth is, guys take advantage of girls more often than the other way around. With that in mind, and teenage boys being hormonic, the gist is clear: don't mess with my daughter, or else. Whether that's sex or anything related to it that puts her in harms way or takes advantage of her...
I have an 18 year old daughter that just had her first baby, basically she wasn't ready and now ready or not she's got to learn what it is to be a parent. this photo is funny but it also speaks to something much deeper. father's protect their daughters. and when they can't it makes you feel like you failed her, like maybe you didn't do enough or teach her enough. it's never just about sex, but about a parent knowing the dangers and pitfalls that come your way. you try to help them avoid as many mistakes as possible, but you can't shield them from everything. that's the hardest part of being a dad for me
I think the photo is cute and not creepy at all.
Lol I just noticed that haha @TerrecaRiley
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