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I know I'm a couple days late on this one but I just wanted to share it with everyone here! It's got me really excited for the full season that's coming out next month and it looks like it has the same tone as Daredevil before it.
The trailer makes it obvious that the main storyline revolves around Jessica's history with The Purple Man and how it affects her daily life. One of the big mysteries of the trailer and presumably the first season is what actually happened between The Purple Man and Jessica Jones. While, I'd love to think about that/look it up, I'd rather not and just be surprised with whatever happens. Also, if it follows the Daredevil route, it'll stay mostly in line with the source material.
At this point in the card, I would usually take screenshots and show you guys what I loved most about the trailer but the thing is with this trailer, and Daredevil as well, is that everything is so goddamned dark. And I don't mean the Hollywood buzz word "dark" that is usually paired with "gritty" but I mean like, it's so dark I can't really see what's happening.
Okay, that's not entirely true but every screenshot I take is looks like I accidentally took a picture in my pocket with my phone or maybe I was drunk and took a picture of the bar. I don't really hate this because I can sort of see what's happening on my computer screen as long as I'm in a low-lighted room or squinting. Okay, it sounds like I'm complaining. But I'm sure when I watch this on an actual television it'll look just fine. Until then, I'm gonna have to trust that you saw what I'm talking about when I freak out about Luke Cage in like two seconds.

Luke. Cage. All. Day.

Anyway, I'm eager to hear what @shannonl5 and the Vingle Marvelers have to say about all this!
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@shannonl5 yes. luke cage series is also to be released is it? there are some was tv series on the way. 2016 is gonna be a great year for all those comic fans out there.
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@Raadhiyah yeah! They started filming last month so it should be out next year :D :D :D
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this looks absolutely amazing. there are so many things that I liked about this trailer.I can't wait to watch.
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@shannonl5 she looks amazing wat a badass
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@bud113 @ChosenKnight yeah I love her so much the series looks like it's going to be so good
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