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In an eight-month-long investigation, reporters at InsideClimate News found that big oil company Exxon knew the issue of climate change before it was public issue. They found that the company’s knowledge of climate change dates back to July 1977 by interviewing former Exxon employees, scientists and federal officials and analyzing hundreds of pages of internal documents.
Exxon has spent more than $30 million in an effort to promote climate denial, according to Greenpeace.

Doe this remind anyone of anything?

I can think of something. Remember when the public didn’t know that smoking was bad for them? And big tobacco companies knew. But kept it hush-hush? Yep, this is just like that. An issue of public health was overlooked in the benefit of the company and $$$.

What other information is kept away from the public in the benefit of companies?

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That’s exactly my thought @WiviDemol but a lot of these companies couldn’t find a long-term solution that allowed them to remain making a profit for them. It was too much “work” so they kept on doing what was best for them short-term. it’s pretty unfortunate, but like you said it’s the reality of it. :( I think that the long term goal of any company in the future should involve future generations @TessStevens
@nicolejb agree. Maybe they're thinking that they cannot live forever so come what may but still it affects more & more people. I hope new companies will consider thinking of the next generation. This is really making me sad.
It totally makes me sad too @WiviDemol I think if I ever own a company some day that will be a priority of mine :)
that's great! @nicolejb
If I can ever get to that part of my life where I own a company (fingers crossed) @WiviDemol ;)