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When I was in high school there was one show that I watched when I would stay up way past my bedtime as an act of teenage rebellion. That show, was Lupin the Third. And now after being extremely late to the game and finding out that Lupin was getting another anime, I kicked a giant hole through the office bathroom window.
Yes. That's a thing that probably didn't happen but I could definitely do because I NEVER FORGET ABOUT LEG DAY.
Anyway, it's been a really long time since I've watched Lupin and I'm really excited to start again because it holds a really special place in my heart. I remember making one of my first friends in Middle School/High School because we were the only two kids in our grade who watched Lupin. We'd recap every episode and remind each other to watch the show if it was on that night.
Oh, and did I mention it has a really good opening sequence. The best actually. It's the best. For me, anyway.
Watching the opening to Lupin III made me feel a rush of things. The song sounded like the old theme song (I need you to know that I don't actually know if it is or isn't the old song so don't get mad at me, I'm an older guy with a broken memory bank). And the animation looked cleaner and better but also just as I remembered. I know that doesn't say much but my heart understands and I hope you have something so close to your heart you don't know how to describe it on the Internet and try your best to make people forget you said close to nothing by typing the longest sentence to ever have ever been on the Internet [I'm sorry].
One really cool thing about this trailer, too, is that if you cover one of your eyes some of the animations look like they jump out of the screen and poke you in your button nose. Seriously, it worked for me at least part of the time. The other part of the time my co-workers looked at me in my cubicle and called me a big idiot for doing something the Internet told me to do. So, you know, cover your eye in public at your own risk.
Either way, I'm really excited to start watching this and if any of you have already can you please let a lowly baby boy, an emotional man like myself know how it is?