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All-New, All-Different, and all ready to kick some butt!

Marvel seems to be putting their best foot forward with the comics right now. Unlike DC's recent New-52 reboot (which was interesting but met with a lot of criticism for its lack of diversity), Marvel is presenting some of their most beloved characters in a new light. Thor is now Jane Foster. Captain America is Sam Wilson. And they're joined by Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and Miles Morales (Spider-Man) on a very different Avengers team.

Well, except for Tony Stark.

There are a few details here and there that have changed, but for the most part the Iron Man we know and love is here to stay. @DigitalJediX @ChiefAlphaGoat @Raadhiyah @ScriptedSoldier @DerrickAldana @Gnomewizard @GeraldIngraham @TyTruth @lanejlzero @ghostparadox @KingGummy @AnnaDodd@KendraV @brandongromala @MatthewPack @JamesRicharts @shantalcamara @chris98vamg @BeannachtOraibh @SydneyHogg @ChosenKnight @ComicGeek94 @AdekolaOmole @Namrow @jeffpeterrutan @MoisEsGaray @FernandoGarza @XavierLopez @GinTenma @DaveedBrown @SilentPianist @carnagerabbit @JasonWAITFORIT @Fallout14 Who else is keeping up with the All-New series? How are you liking the new changes? @AlishiaDavis @DarthRevan should we add it to the comic book club reading list?
@RodneyYoung @ChosenKnight @chris98vamg yeah they're really focusing on bringing more diversity to the comics than they did before, and so far it seems like there's been a lot of support! So I'm very hopeful that this will carry over to the shows and movies as well!
@shannonl5 let's hope so
@RodneyYoung I know Sam and Miles but whose the third? If you're talking about Kamalha, she's dark skinned but not black. I believe she's Middle Eastern.
3 new black superheros is this a dream??? 馃榾馃槅馃槩
Well time to sit down and look into the new Avengers!!
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