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Greeting strangers at university.
nopenopenopenope.... nice try... :( Manga: Horimiya Comment: Definitely Recommended Read (DRR)
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this looks super cute!
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@VinMcCarthy , yep thought it was just a sappy manga, now I'm on ch56.
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That was completely hilarious. The way she yelled after she saw Izumi's hair. I was laughing so hard 馃樄馃樄馃樄馃樄
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I remember this! She was so upset, she gave him a hickey right after that, right? I don't remember well, it has been a while.
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@sanchezkaylle , well kinda, she was shocked. then later in a chapter they banged each other and she left a hicky. so, ... basically yea you're right
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