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I'm so guilty of the slump.

My posture is honestly terrible. I'm always telling myself I want to start exercising my back, shoulder, and core muscles to improve it, but I kept dodging it, unsure what to do or where to start. Finally, I found this short series of exercises built to work exactly the muscles I need to strengthen in order to improve my posture.

If you want to straighten up and stand tall, give these moves a try!

Hold each exercise for 3 seconds. Rest a few seconds between positions. Repeat the entire sequence two to three times.

Standing Side Kick

Strengthens abdominals, back, hips, thighs
Extend your arms to the sides, straight out from your shoulders. Lean forward while lifting your right leg, toe pointed, out to the right. Lift your foot 4 inches off the ground and balance. Repeat with the left leg.

Balance Passé

Strengthens thighs, abdominals; improves back alignment
Stand and slowly raise your right leg slightly off the ground and your arms over your head. Repeat with the left leg. (For more of a challenge, do this on a yoga block.)


Strengthens abdominals, thighs
Lie on your back, arms at your sides, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Press your feet down as you contract the muscles in your legs. Lift your pelvis up; keep your neck relaxed, and let your legs—not your back—do the work.

Side leg lift

Strengthens hips, thighs
Lie on your right side with your back touching a wall. Rest your head on your right arm, bend your right leg, with the sole of your right foot facing the wall. Straighten your left leg and lift it about a foot off the ground while pressing the left heel into the wall. Then switch sides.

Kneeling Side Kick

Strengthens shoulders, abdominals, thighs, back
Kneel down on the floor, back straight, and then lean to your left until your left hand is on the floor. Lift your right leg straight out to the side until it's parallel to the floor; move that leg slowly backward and forward for three to five seconds while maintaining a straight spine. Repeat on the right side.
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My posture horrible too! I'm already getting a hunch back! :( but I will try those moves
2 years ago·Reply
Gotta take the time and stay accountable for your posture. Whenever I catch myself slouching, I fix it quick. It may feel weird but as long as you make it a priority, you can quickly make improvements. =)
2 years ago·Reply
I can do these exercises
2 years ago·Reply
try slacklining. It improves posture, balance,focus,endurance, and it's fun!
2 years ago·Reply