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Can I Cosplay as Genderbent Gandalf, Too?
I think Gandalf the Grey (or White, or whatever) is pretty rad, but he's not a character I ever thought I would cosplay.

To put it simply, I like to cosplay CUTE and he's....well, he's just not that cute. Sorry!!!


Look how cute Gandalf is! Just look!!!!!

All the wizards no longer have to be men!

I would add a pipe to my cosplay if I did this :)

Cosplayer: Jessica Nydegger
It's okay Gandalf, I guess I think you're cute too.
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@SeintoSeiya I hope to someday XD @JosephHarris that's not me hahaha I just thought it was cool & shared ^^
@hikaymm if you think you can do it, then by all means you go right ahead and do it! I'm actually working on a cosplay of Brom from league of legends and I'm not exactly as well built or bushy mustache as he is. So go for it!