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Airs on 13nd! :D OY is in danger and OS saves her. But she still gets angry of her. "It must be easy for you to kill me. U wanted to kill me with medicine? It's so easy for u to kill me..Why you didn't do it..!", she cries. They go to cafe to talk. OY says, "U just came to me, cuz u needed money. I guess you would be so pleased when I wrote will for you. Why you didn't make me take the medicine? Did you feel pity of me? Or if I died, u were worried of other ppl to suspect you?" OS says,"Or if I love you so much. The medicine was mine. One day, I just thought why I live. I don't have reason to live. I don't have ppl who gonna be sad of my dying. But since I met you and spent time together....how about this? I'm just gonna leave you." OY says,"You gonna leave me? That's quite simple and good. Good bye." She walks alone, but OS stops her. OY cries,"Everything is done if you leave? Then I'm just left alone?" At that time, she blacked out. In the meanwhile, SW meets OS's ex-girlfrend, So Ra, and asks about OS. SR lies for OS. OS went to hospital and he knows OY's braintumor recurred. OY wakes up and asks about her status. OS says,"Doctor says your braintumor recurred. U can get surgery.." OY says,"When I had braintumor for the first time, ppl said like you. It's so easy for ppl to say about my disease." OS sleeps, higging her to comfort OY. Next day, JS gets angry of OS. "When you gonna leave here? There are only 26days left. SR and MC threaten you..! Just call to MH, threaten him with the pics and gets money from him." But OS says,"He can't make that big money. We gotta deal with SW." In the meanwhile, OS talks with SW. She wanna change OY's hospital and doctor. "She has taken cure from other hospital. I can't accept that you change doctor and hospital suddenly." But OS doesn't believe SW and insist his opinion. After finishing dialogue, OS shows MH and his girlfriend's pic to Lawyer Jang. LJ says, "Though you cannot believe MH's saying, why you doubt SW?" OS says,"She didn't try to cure OY's eyes. Her eyes were not because of braintumor. She just ignored it and let her eyes become like this." But LJ doesn't believe it and asks for provment. SW tired to take OY to other hospital but OY resists. Coming back home, SW scolds her. "Why you don't wanna go to hospital? Aren't you gonna get surgery?" OY says,"Yea, I'm gonna die. I'm sick of all the things. When I was young, one day I thought why you don't kill me. I thought you are more than scary monster." SW says,"If I wanted to be president istead of you, I would not tell you how to read books and do computers." OY says,"Yes, I remember." SW huggs her, "Yes, you remember. Let's get surgery." But OY still resists. In the meanwhile, OS hangs around to look for the doctor who lied about OY's eyes. OS meets SR. She says,"I was about to tell SW all the truth if u didn't come here." OS says,"Though I came here, I don't care wether you tell truth to SW or not. I can't do sth with the person I don't trust." Then he leaves. At that night, SW says to OS,"Do you know JS threatened MH for asking money? Both OY and I knew that he had other girl and we decided not to care about his past. Tell JS that I cannot give money and be careful. If OY's surgery is done, I will kick you out even if you're OY's real brother." OS says,"If her surgery is done, I will also leave here. But you should know when I leave, you also have to be prepared of leaving here." Next day, OY and OS takes driving together. OY was talking about her plan about marriage. Suddenly OS stops car, "Before we go to meet MH's parents, let's talk about ur marriage in detalis." OS says,"Do you know MH have a girl and use company's money for himself?" OY says,"Yes I know." OS calls MH and leaves her. "If you don't say that u wanna live and gonna get surgery, I won't do anything as you wanted." At that night, OS goes to MC. "Please ask your sister to take OY's surgery." (His sister is doctor) MC hits him but OS asks continually. Coming back home, OS were taking a rest. OY comes in and wanna talk with him, but OS got angry. OS says "Now I got hurt alot. But you don't try to see me. It's lying that you wanna see me." OY says,"Then what do you want from me? I also wanna see you. I'm also scared of dying. I also wanna live..Why you makes me so weak continually? why..?"