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Airs on 14nd! :D Coming back home, OS were taking a rest. OY comes in and wanna talk with him, but OS got angry. OS says "Now I got hurt alot. But you don't try to see me. It's lying that you wanna see me." OY says,"Then what do you want from me? I also wanna see you. I'm also scared of dying. I also wanna live..Why you makes me so weak continually? why you make me have hope for life? I don't wanna live" OS leaves cuz OY said she doesn't wanna live. Though she tries to hold him, OS just leaves. When OY was walking back home, OS comes back and says to get in car. OY says "You so bad. If I could see, I would hit you." OS suddenly drags her to a place. He says "Today, it's day for me to leave you. And I took pic to leave this moment as porve. You don't care about my feeling how I would feel after you leave me. Cuz for you, everything is done once u die. If I knew you are selfish like this, I wouldn't make good memory with you. If you wanna make good memory before you die, I will make good memory to keep on living, cuz I have to keep on living..!" Coming back OY's room, OY asks to take a sleep together. But OS says, "I told you. Before you wanna live, I won't sleep next to you." Next morning, OS finds a snowman. He notices OY made it. In the meanwhile, LJ checked that real OS died. He asks ppl not to talk about it to other for a while. And MC's sister accepted to take OY's surgery. Instead, he asks to pay money 5 days earlier. OS accepts it. MC says "Don't you feel sorry of your first love, HJ?" OS says,"No, I don't now. I felt sorry for her, cuz I didn' say goodbye when she died. She will understand that I didn't accept our baby." In the meanwhile, HS notices that her sister got money from MC for shopping and paying for car accident. And OS promised MC to pay money 5 days earlier. Instead, OS asks not to care about JS and HS to protect them. HS gets so worried of him and calls JS. MC asks her sister to take OY's surgery. "There's no hope to her.", she refuses it. But MC asks continually. At that night, SW and LJ checks that OS is not OY's brother and decided to kick him out. OY tells them that she gonna get surgery. "I will take surgery. OS found doctor who will treat my disease. Please prepare that I can get treatment before he leaves." Listening to OY's saying, SW and LJ cannot tell OY the truth about OS. They hide the truth for her surgery. While OS paying with OY, he thinks 'I felt so happy and didn't regret my life for the first time. At that time, I was not afraid of anything.' In the meanwhile, Kim gives SR a flight ticket to swiss. "I knew the money OS stole was in ur account. I knew it from the first time. If you don't leave here in 3days, both you and OS will die." After he leaves, SR gets msg from SW. She says 'I can't accept your offer. I think OS gotta stay next to OY. And I already know who is OS. I hope you won't keep in touch me with these stuffs.' After checking the msg, she calls OY. "I'm OS's girlfriend. I have a thing to talk you about your brother. Let's meet in green cafe in Cheong Dam Dong." MC's sister says to OS, "The percentage that I can cure her is under 10 percents. Though the surgery is successful, she will spend her life, taking only treatment. It's better to spend time together before her dying." But OS cannot accept it. "Let's talk tmr.", he says. Before SR talks with OY, she send a msg to OS. 'OS who is staying with you, is not your real brother. Ur brother already died a year ago. Ppl around you already know it. You can check from SW if it's true or not. OS, If you don't take flight with me in 3 days, I will tell this to OY.' SR calls OS and threatens him. At that night, OS drinks with JS's father. While OS helps him to walk, he meets JS. OS says, "From now on, do not talk to me and do not appear in front of me. This is last time for me to see you and your family. That's why I visited your father." Coming back home, OS sees OY. He reminds of the doctor's saying that there is no hope. He kisses her and at that time OY wakes up.