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Soo i won't be able to post from my phone (my main source of posting) until my new one comes in because..........im just so lucky . when i was going to work(after my break) it was raining so i parked the car and ran inside and noticed i didn't have my phone but I thought i just left it in the car.......boy was i wrong..2hrs later i go to the car and what do i see laying on the ground in the pouring rain.....my poor phone. I get home and it was working fine and my screen that broke and was off color for months was back to normal so i thought i was in the clear......wrong again lol it finally. blacked out yesterday and i died a little inside since all of my beautiful pictures are in there (i have a sd card so they are still saved) soo didnt want to make this too long but I'll be posting a lot more once i get my new one(decided to go team iPhone after all these years thankd jiyongi for swaying my phone choice)haha