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Hey, Vingle buddies!! For my usual followers/friends... Do you think some of my cards show too much "Filth" or "crude humor"? I tend to sway towards the dirtier memes and photos and even think I may have offended a few fellow vinglers in my time here (LOL). There's nothing wrong with a little dirty joke once in awhile..am I right? Wrong? Its not going to stop my racy posts but I would love to hear what you all think about them being here on vingle. Keep it clean or spice it up? Don't be afraid to drop a comment.
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@jcl4rks0n why,thank u *curtseys*
You know what, I was talking about this with some of my other mod friends, and I feel like if you feel like a card is too 'racy', you can just make it not the main photo and put something in the title like "THIS IS FOR ADULTS!!!!!" lol or something equal to it.
That way people can't be pissed or offended if you want to make a dirty joke.
If people don't like something, they should leave it alone or click away. If it's not hurting them, or anyone else it's not a problem right. My cards address some dark, adult issues sometimes, but I'm writing for a specific audience and that audience can handle it. I think you should do what you want, as long as you're within site guidelines! Create away!!!!!! @TerrecaRiley, I agree with ya!!!
keep it you don't worry about anything else