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I want to meet bigbang!!!
oh my gosh! I am a bigbang fan! I am kind of new to this app soo I'm going to tell you guys my love for bigbang <3 its been 3 years of my fandom! my favorite band member is TOP. I love his singing/rap, his looks are omg cute and to me he is an awesome person! I love his personality :] bigbang together has a awesome voice and come on... The style of the guys are amazing :) my favorite song from them is 'we like to party' and 'blue'. if you wanna know more just ask :)
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Yes !! I love top as well . They are all so amazing in their own ways
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Yes, they are great. First song i heard by them was Number 1. I been in love ever since.
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yes that would be great i love there music
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TOP is #1. How could you not love that bingu? XD
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