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Would you Marry me? Marvel Edition
I know all of you Marvel fans have at least one or multiple crushes. I'm not judging lol. Idk if we already did something like this, but I challenge you to make a card about which Marvel character you would marry. You can be as creative as you like.


Pick a Marvel character. It can be a hero or villain. Explain why. Tag me. Tag friends.


Thor is pure royalty! What chick wanted what to be the next Queen of Asgard? He's strong known to be the god of thunder! He can kick butt, plus I'm a sucker for hair and he has locks for days. He is so humorous and I know we would rock together.
I love how he doesn't understand some earthly concepts. I think that's cute, so I would love to show or expose him to earth culture. For example...Thor honey...we don't do this in public lol ctfu..
We would definitely save money on gas. He can can fly me to work. If we need something from the store he can get there quickly! Plus, we could basically travel anywhere.
Next, This guy is freakin hot lol. I could only bare to say I DO! Excuse me while I help my hubby bathe lol!

He got me roasting lol!

Don't judge!


He has awesome power!


He's freaking funny!

That Hammer!


I'm just saying so much room for naughty symbolism with this one. But I'll let you all come up with that! lol


inspired by @LAVONYORK I didn't even have to do much...someone already had it planned for me lol!
For these reasons I would marry THOR! @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @Kuzuri96 @JoshuaThompson @ChiefAlphaGoat @MichelleHolly I wish I could tag more, but I'm sneaking doing this at work lol!
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