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My name's Shamar, my close friends call me Keita, 20 years of age. I'm weird and have social anxiety disorder with depression. I didn't have a great life growing up, but it wasn't as bad as most. It was just rough and abusive. So living until now has been a struggle, I thrive for communication with people but I'm too nervous to do it. Online communities are my ways try and handle it. Hopefully this will be a place I can run too when things go bad. Anime is safe haven. I have a lot of favorite animes, and animated memes. I pretty much like all different genres when it comes to anime. Yaoi or Yuri. doesn't bother me. if I had to pick a favorite it would be slice of life/school life with some romance. Since I lacked the school life I wanted I switched to anime to feel at home. The pictures people would make me laugh a lot like this one
If I would have to take a pick, Angel beats was one of the best anime I ever watched, Sword art online is probably my all-time second. But it's hard to put a number on anything passed that since I have so many I love and have watched (over 6months on my anime planet account) but a lot are re-watches. Aside from anime I love to draw, I'm finally to that point where I have my own style of how I like to draw. But sadly I'm not good with coloring in my drawing so I just shade for the old fashion black and white.
If I'm not doing any of the above I enjoy piano. I used to do it when I was super young. But I was taken in by a family and they didn't keep me continuing. so my 8 years playing stopped suddenly. I started up recently not that I had the money to get a keyboard, but it's hard without any help. And let's not forget about gaming. I do that with the 2 friends I have that accept me for me. I've played League of Legends since the start, I took a year and a half break but I've been back at it for 2 years. highest I ever made it in my competitive days were diamond 4. Now I just play aram because its fast pace and fun. Random champs are fun. I'm a huge aura kingdom fan. Anime based rpg. That's like my second home. I really hope all goes well. It will be great meeting everybody and getting some new friends. I'll leave this one last picture with you
Did you draw that? That's freakin awesome. That's the one thing I can honestly admit to, is I'm jealous of artist. I can't draw for the life of me, but I appreciate it so much.
There's a store by me that my friends dad owns, you'd be a kid in a candy shop he has so many collectors comics dating all the way back to the 60's
You guys make me want to draw more, maybe I'll start doing it more often
your drawing is really good I'm trying to start drawing myself & I would love to be able to draw like you. oh & welcome
I totally agree with @TerrecaRiley here you can find so many people whom you can relate to and share common interest. And btw, I don't think your weird. You think outside the box and everyone should be able to think that way.
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