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Hello vingle!
My name's Shamar, my close friends call me Keita, 20 years of age. I'm weird and have social anxiety disorder with depression. I didn't have a great life growing up, but it wasn't as bad as most. It was just rough and abusive. So living until now has been a struggle, I thrive for communication with people but I'm too nervous to do it. Online communities are my ways try and handle it. Hopefully this will be a place I can run too when things go bad. Anime is safe haven. I have a lot of favorite animes, and animated memes. I pretty much like all different genres when it comes to anime. Yaoi or Yuri. doesn't bother me. if I had to pick a favorite it would be slice of life/school life with some romance. Since I lacked the school life I wanted I switched to anime to feel at home. The pictures people would make me laugh a lot like this one
If I would have to take a pick, Angel beats was one of the best anime I ever watched, Sword art online is probably my all-time second. But it's hard to put a number on anything passed that since I have so many I love and have watched (over 6months on my anime planet account) but a lot are re-watches. Aside from anime I love to draw, I'm finally to that point where I have my own style of how I like to draw. But sadly I'm not good with coloring in my drawing so I just shade for the old fashion black and white.
If I'm not doing any of the above I enjoy piano. I used to do it when I was super young. But I was taken in by a family and they didn't keep me continuing. so my 8 years playing stopped suddenly. I started up recently not that I had the money to get a keyboard, but it's hard without any help. And let's not forget about gaming. I do that with the 2 friends I have that accept me for me. I've played League of Legends since the start, I took a year and a half break but I've been back at it for 2 years. highest I ever made it in my competitive days were diamond 4. Now I just play aram because its fast pace and fun. Random champs are fun. I'm a huge aura kingdom fan. Anime based rpg. That's like my second home. I really hope all goes well. It will be great meeting everybody and getting some new friends. I'll leave this one last picture with you
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Oh wow that great. I go to a comic book shop by where I live, during the summer I go every Wednesday. But now, I go when I can.
YES ANOTHER FAN ARTIST!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!! :D I want to see more of your anime drawings. The one you posted is so cute.
@danidee I have plenty I can just post but coming here makes here makes me want to draw something new