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Hello~ This drama airs at 10PM on Wendesday & Thursday, 13th of March. hehehe See you then everyone ^.^ *Indonesian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/116630 *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/117208 Keep following me ^.^ hehehe Let's start -------------------------------------------------------------- GL: i'm sorry..it was all my fault...I love you SW: Bad guy ! (What a beautiful kiss scene ... on the snow) Anyway the civil servant team is going back. GL wants to hold SW's hand although others are in the back seat. At that time, YS cuts in their conversation. YS: Stop..GL.. You have to focus on only driving ! In the SW's house, she watches the door that looks like GL happily. In the office, DH is wondering why SM gets upset. DH: Why? why do you do? SM: Do you have anything to tell me? DH: i don't.. SM: Huh I want to hear anything but he doesn't have anything to tell me.. wow...you eat well and live well ! The director of GJ died in the car ....actually this is because of gas installed by JJ. Also ML stabs GJ... WS comes to investigate JJ. WS: i have only two questions. First what's the relationship between ML..and second where is JH, your brother? JJ ignores his question. JJ: Why are you wondering that? DH is cleaning GL's table because of GJ's order to find GL's information. In the headquarter. WS: What your name? JJ: Um... if you will know my name, it will be exciting huh? DH is monitoring GL. He texts a message that GL is hackering the civil servant webpage. JJ: I should have killed you when I murder Choi won son (May Choi won son is WS's co worker.) WS: Were you in there? JJ: Huh...the civil servant always do everything to reach your goals...even hurting the co worker. doesn't it? In the car, SW: Where did you stay yesterday? GL: i don't want to tell! SW: Okay.... GL: What? You don't want to be curious? GL doubts why she doesn't be curious about me. She answers that promise one ! - Believe even she or he doesn't tell. SW's parents. They have a quarrel that whether they make a plant or not. Her father suggets that we have to buy the deer for sightseeing but her mother insists that keep going to farm ! SW and GL are making the rule between them. GL argues that the first rule is let me know the door number she disagrees. SW: Anyway GL..What about your father's report? GL gets upset that she brings up this subject at this time. SW wants to solve this problem together...but GL feel afraid that his father really has a guilty. In GL's father company, police office men come to visit him. Police men: Just go and then talk. At that time, the man got a call from someone and let him free. WS meets the director of GJ. ( Um...? GJ? Why he is here? But he died !!! Who is he?) GJ: Do you believe me? WS: i believe you following the nation. GJ: Then just leave it now...i cancealed the summons of GL's father and withdraw the investigation to JJ. Actually before he was in danger, ML gave a chance to them. ML: Do you wanna deal with me? SM has a report that DH have leaked the confidential information to the director of GJ. WS decides to countermine DH. SW and GL ... GL still doesn't believe SW... GL: When I meet you, I really miss you but when you want to meet me.. i'm just curious why you want to meet me. SW: No..actually to me...i'm in difficult to face people...especially you...i really want to be comfort with you.. I'm sorry to bring out here. In the deal with ML. ML has World spy personal information.. On condition to get WS's life, she hands out this to GJ. and if he set JJ free, she is supposed to hand out the personal information World spy in Korea and America. SW and GL..HEHEHE Really sweet date. GL gives sushi for dinner to SW. After passing over this, he calls to SW in a few minutes. GL: Oh i forgot to give you soy source. do you have it? Actually SW has it but she says there isn't. Then GL visits again bringing soy source. They did it again and again. Finally she lets him know the door number. At that time SM comes here bringing the drinking such as beer and soju... SM wonders how do you keep your emotion under the ground when you deat with GL. SW: What? Whatever your mission, if it is hurting your loved one, then just don't do that. You have to bag your loved one to believe me. SM: But you already do that. SW: So don't that...i already did it. YS also comes to SW's home. GL is still in the closet. YS and SM are about to change their clothes in front of the closet so SW are bent on opposing, After they go out, GL comes out to the closet. GL: After first important work, i will cook hangover soup. SW: What is your first work? GL: Toilet ! GL and SW are going GL's house. GL: Father, who is Jeon Jae hee ( JH, JJ's brother) GL shows JH's picture, do you know him? GL's father : How do you know him? it is a normal deal. it's unfair. GL reveals his identification to him but his father still keep secret. GL gets disappointed so SW comforts him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) See you tomorrow ! Oh tomorrow is white day ~ Where is my boyfriend ㅜnㅜ
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