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Intimacy is meant to be sacred.

Unfortunately, we messed that up along time ago. We're so used to letting anyone in, that we've become immune to doing so. We fall for the first face we see and before we know it the rest is history. If we took the time to get to know people, as much as people take the time being intimate, I'm pretty sure the idea of love would be a lot stronger. You don't have to be religious to know that sex is meant to be shared between two people who truly care about each other. In Biblical terms, a man and wife. We've erased that idea from our minds and lay down with the first person who deems their worthy. Just to find out a couple months later, they're gone and it's back to phase one. Your feelings got involved and for that person who got away, you were nothing more than a quick thrill.
They tell us to use contraceptives, but they never mention the contraceptives needed to protect your mind from the hurt and the memories that constantly haunt you after you get your heart broken. That's why getting to know a person and waiting is always your best option. Even if you don't wait until marriage, at least wait until you're sure. Sometimes that sure thing, isn't the best thing. The video [seen below] talks about what we often times keep mum about. When you let someone in physically, you're also letting them in mentally and when the physical is gone -- sadly, the mental is still left there lingering. Guard your heart, guard your mind and resist the urge. You're worth the wait.
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This is the absolute truth... And you end up hurting. Unfortunately there is no guild lines to life and you just hope that the person you are with is honest. Something like that happened to me but karma caught him. I know you should not laugh at someone else's pain but that made me feel good. Anyway years later when we were both mature we were able to talk about it and lay what the hell happened to rest and why it did happen.
I love the Me....I don't have time for all that drama that's why I keep my cookie jar shut. Someone said that humans were once animals therefore sex is instinct base. So scientifically speaking yes we were once animals...or functioned primarily on primative instincts. However, as humans we have transformed or evolved therefore our thinking, behavior, vaules, and culture has evolved. We are set a part from our animal friends. So I feel saying sex is basically an instinct for survival is being used as an excuse to screw ppl over is not right. Let a guy tell me oh I had to lie and have sex with you even though really you were a side chick and I'm really with Jessica down the street cuz sex is an instinct for survival. I couldn't help myself. 馃憡馃憡馃敨馃敨馃挘馃挘馃敧馃敧 I'm going to jail tonight ctfu 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槕馃槕. However, as a lady I know I have to make choices in my best interest. At the end of the day all I have is my sanity. Is sex embedded I'm our DNA...human structure...Yass but it should be used as an excuse to play with the feelings of others.
Honestly I think a lot of the messages we get about love and sex are really messed up. There's so much pressure (particularly on guys but on everyone) to have already had your "first time", to be like Really Good At Sex right from the start, to enjoy it (but not too much) and just... there's so little space for different kinds of experiences and needs. Some people like sex, some don't. Some people like having lots of partners and others only want one. We're all different but it really feels like the way we talk about sex is 'one size fits all'.
that's extremely crazy!!!! they should be talking about cartoons and stuff of that sort. the world is really changing in a negative way, but like you said everyone makes their own choices and at the end of the day, it's on them whether it be a positive or negative @Fenrisulfur101
I completely agree with you on that. it should be thought more about and sadly it's not. even with the use of contraception there's always a small chance. in my favorite words "shit happens" then again. it is each individuals right to make their own life, negative or positive impact with the way people have turned out as of late they're going to do it if only because someone told them not to, especially because kids in their younger teen years are now open about the sex they have. in fact I've heard middle and grade schoolers talking about sex like it was something they do everyday after class.
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