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Hello~ This drama airs at 10PM on Wendesday & Thursday, 14th of March. hehehe See you then everyone ! *Indonesian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/116631 *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/117209 There are just few minutes left to air this drama ^.^ Keep following me ^.^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JJ set free from the Interrogation Room maybe this is ordered by GJ who is the director of the Civil servant. GL and SW are discussing about their operation. GL said that JG who is JJ's brother is the son of Choi CEO. This is key information to solve this problem. They accept GL's father's crime as a mistake. GL: The thing that I really want to know is whether my father was there when the civil servant had been killed. ML has a deal behind the ground with GJ. ML wants to kill WS, so she orders that place WS at the proper time at the proper place.. and also GJ has to pretend to die... ML: I already took a picture that you've seen died. After WS dies, you just stay in hidding for years. SW's parents SW's father shows off his credit card. Her mother holds it as she doesn't look like to know what it is. Her mother: When you spend the credit card, you spend the money as a rich but when the bill comes out.....what the hell!! Just throw it away ! SW and GL find someone to collect the material about the accident a few years ago...it is related the death of WS's friend. WS and WS's wife. WS's wife: When do we suppose to go abroad to America? WS: Um....i'm sorry....but why don't we stay in Korea? WS's wife: I can't understand because you did'nt tell me the reason. Until now...i'm always patient because of your job and work...I see this nation needs you but I don't need you anymore. GL wants to know SW's phone password. GL persuades SW like if we miss the road in the mountain and what is the worse that my phone has low battery, then what do we have to do. SW get disappointed that GL doubts her whether she hands out his father's report to the superior office. At the headquarter. The civil servants team workers except DH pretend not to work to comfort him. YS : Today i have a date meeting so i will be late tomorrow ! SW makes a confession that the ringing of the message is from the company to be paid off a loan. Actually GL doubts that this message is from the headquarter to let them know the secret of his father. After know this, GL feels sorry for her. SM delivers the lunch for DH. She questions that DH. SM: DH, Can you do everything even if is the bad thing for the country? DH feels upset...and he says nothing. SW's parents. Her father gets embarrased that his town is cancealed as the enviromental villege. He can be impeached as a village foreman so they will be ask for their daughter. GL's father decides to give himself up to the police office. But the director of GJ already makes preparations in advance so GL's father is ignored by the police office man. YS is supposed to do a date with someone who is the introduction from SW's friend, SW's friend : Why don't you inject the mulgwang (It is a kind of plastic surgery to bright her skin) ? If you do that, your meeting with a prospective marriage partner will be succeed. SW reminds WS's saying, WS: Kim CEO has a daughter and Choi CEO has two sons but ....i don't know well how they do that... SW realizes that JJ is the son of Choi CEO. maybe it is a revenge play. WS had a choice between job and minority so he regrets it until now. In the headquarter, YS requires your materials that you've had. ML and JJ today, they will start the operation that shot WS dead. WS's wife decieds to divorce with WS. WS's wife : I really wanted you to be a man who discuss everything with me ... WS: i'm already late..i have to go...talk about it later. GJ considers what is the best decision for himself or the nation. SW and GL reports that the killer of WS's coworker and JJ are brothers. YS are hurry to do step up the operation. GJ: Hey..WS..i'm sorry...you are sacrified for the nation.. I'm sorry.... WS: Hahaha don't worry about that. At that time, JJ focus on the gun to WS. WS : You're Woo jin...right? He reminds the scene when he did mistake a few years ago and he tears. JJ thinks that it is a allegator's tear -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish !
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