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Met Another Kpoper

I was on my way home (this being in New York) and I was listening to kpop as always when I noticed that this girl had a One of a kind sweater. I got so excited that I stopped her and asked her if she liked GD (cause some people tend to buy it without knowing where it's from) and she said yes. We both got so excited that she asked me if I did too and I said yes. Sadly I didn't have my Big Bang book bag on me and I had nothing kpop related on me either except for my Rap Monster phone cover so it kinda got awkward fast and I left and said bye. I wish I had something else on me and that we could've chilled or exchanged kakao,line or kik but oh well maybe we'll meet in the future (by future I mean either Koreatown or Koreaway,lol).
the struggle is real, I live up in Washington state and literally no one up here likes kpop and it sucks I have nobody to share my kpop obsession with, that's why I love this app so kuch, it's so nice being able to interact with everyone here
at my old school I had one friend that liked kpop and then I moved to a bigger school across the city and I found so many people the liked kpop but so many at the same time insulted it. but made one friend and she liked exo and I did as well and everyone in the class looked at us werid and we just ignored it
Sorry meant Vingle
@DjKpop12 Don't worry,I'm sure there is another kpoper out there it's just you haven't looked well enough and just like you said at least you have your bungle fam.
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