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I have seen a ton of anime and I want to see if anyone has a good one I haven't seen I like any genre just about
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Anime Watched: Betrayal knows my name Blood + Fairytail Kaze no stigma Vampire knight Eden of the east Black butler Soul eater Ghost hunt Blue exorcist Clannad OHSHC Fruits basket Kamisama hajimemashita Shugo chara Hakuouki Noragami Kaichou wa maid sama Special a Wallflower Tokyo esp Suki tte ii na yo Brothers conflict Glasslip The devil is a part timer Diabolic lovers Amnesia Gosick The mystic archives of dantalian Hatenkou yuugi Otome youkai zakuro My little monster Uta no prince sama The irregular at magic highschool La corda d'oro Sword Art Online Psycho pass Shiki Miracle Train Strike the Blood Blue Spring Ride Hiiro no Kakera Inu x Boku SS La storia della Arcana Famiglia Toradora Wolf Girl and Black Prince Yona of the Dawn Blood-C Spirited Away The Girl Who Leapt Through Time DMMD Free Hiyokoi Nyan Koi Starry Sky The Good Witch of the West Skip Beat! Ayashi no Ceres Guilty Crown Psychic Detective Yakumo Hyouka Earl and Fairy Pretear D.N. Angel Hidan no Aria​ Red Data Girl Amatsuki
try S-Cry-ed, Darker than black, Akime kill, parasite the maxim
blue exorcist if you haven't seen it already
thare is one anime I kinda rember not the name sadly enuff but it was about 2 people a guy an a girl and they were sent to look for godlike weapons an I remember the girl always made them stop for dongo lol if anyone knows what I'm talking about plz tell me the name thx
alll great suggestions epically that last one I personally like anime that follows 2 people or more as they quest for something wather it Be a item knolage whatever I also like my anime to be in the past or way in the future just love whching the character story's unfold as they slowey make there way to their goal
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