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What....I'm confused, is somebody lying about their age? Because it's say 1992 by Jimin soooo I'm a bit confused, I thought he's a 95er and Jhope is a 94er, I need someone to explain this to me (╥﹏╥)
@xoxoaudra98 Jimin is 95 its just the way in this magazine they drew a like so it look like its Jimin but no. 제이홉 (J-Hope) but it says that he is 92. that confuse me I went to 6 different profiles and they all day 94. I think that's just miss type
@DetkaN Yeah Jhope is a 94er, I think it's a typo because he was born in February 18, 1994 and it says February 8, 1992 plus jin is the oldest so it wouldn't make sense cause that would make Jhope the oldest so they got it wrong
@xoxoaudra98 yeah that's what I am saying. like this mag is two years old but come on own Koreans make mistake that's just no no lmao
@DetkaN I feel you haha, I was shocked for a moment when I saw it then felt relieved after explaining this lmao