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Hi, i'm Rose, I thought that I should start by saying stuff about me well let's see. I'm 16, I have 5 siblings, 1 brother, and 4 sisters. I have been obsessed with Music, Books, Doctor Who, Anime, Technology, and Fantasy since I could do/listen to these things.
I want to be a writer and am writing some books right now, I wish that I could be a singer but I suck, I do write songs though. I have 5 cats (with my family) and we all live in an RV....with one restroom (it's hell in the mornings). I love food, watching anime, reading, the sky, cars, my cats, and sleeping.
Most of my posts will probably be about music, pictures of the sky, my cats, and whatever random food my mom makes.
I hope that I can have fun on here, and explore more worlds.
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Welcome to the club person what your name
first off......Dr Who rocks!!!!!!!! second...welcome! 😊
Dr who is like a bow tie awesome and cool
Also bad wolf