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Hello everyone! I'm super new to Vingle and so far it's been everything I could have hoped for. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. Anyway... a bit about me... My name is Amber and I am from Arkansas. I'm 19 years old and currently a sophomore in College. I started my love affair with K-Pop a bit after G-Dragon's Heartbreaker was released, I was in love immediately. I never really thought much of it... it was just a song I liked. But several years later I found myself drawn to K-Dramas which lead me to listening to k-pop. I was quickly drawn to BTS, EXO, and BIGBANG, later finding out GD was in that band!!!! Now some of my favorites include those above and AOA, 2EYES, BLOCK B, JJCC, 4MINUTE, RED VELVET, AND BLOCK B. Aside from K-Pop, my hobbies include drawing, singing, and napping. Feel free to talk to me anytime!!! I'm super nice I promise. I don't have any friends who I can geek out about K-Pop with so it's always nice to meet new people Now enough about me... Tell me about yourselves
So nice to meet you both 😍
Nice to meet you too 😄
Hello Amber my name is Destiny and I'm also super new at this. I'm 17 and I fell in love with Kpop when I was 10. I first listened to taeyangs wedding dress and I loved it and would listen to it all the time. Then I clicked on one of Bigbang's songs and was like "oh snap that's taeyang" but soon GD stole my heart haha. I remember when SHINee debuted I was like oh man I really like them and taemin has always been my bias in that group. I just can't believe how much he's changed (of course in a good way). I totally understand how you feel my friends here think I'm super weird for liking Kpop......just Korean culture in general. I hope we can become good friends to freak out over Kpop lol
Welcome!! My name is Marisol and im 19 too! Lol the same thing happened to me i found taeyang first and never knew he was in a group but once i discovered BigBang it was all over haha I fell for GD instantly and ive been jiyong trash ever since😂😂 and I love Exo ,bts and tons of other groups too. Feel free to post as much as you want and again welcome to out Kpop family💕