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Comment your fandom! ah guys, when we get older ( not me, I'm an ajumma already jk) we are gonna look back and say " oh, I remember when I used to fangirling, scream and cry each time our group did an MV" Kpop is going to be a beautiful memory, and we are gonna be able to tell funny stories to our grandchildren. so, make sure you get your kids and grandkids into kpop!! XD let's keep the chain going lol. I'm looking forward to see our favorite idols grow older, get married and get children. ha!
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my kpop fandom is kpop lol. i dont associate with fandoms because i love all fandoms lol even if i dont particularly like a group i wil still support them.
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BABY ( and Brainboxes) and VIP
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Mostly A.R.M.Y , EXO-L, & BABY, but there are much more
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i am a true hardcore v.i.p and hottest
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Sao Kingdom Hearts Fairy Tail Naturo Once Upon a Time Doctor Who ..You name it.......
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