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Somehow, someway, Donald Trump's campaign still has legs.
One of the (many) flaws in his campaign is his inability to connect and relate with the everyday American. Citizens who start with very little and attempt to build an empire seem to shy away from Trump.
Yesterday, Trump appeared on the Today show and had a chance to make up lost ground with that voter base when posed a question from a member of the studio audience.
A registered Republican in attendance asked The Donald if, with the exception of his family, if he’s ever been told “no” in his life. Trump replied that he's been told no his entire life, and discussed the "pressure and struggle" during his rise to the top.
"It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me. And, you know, I started off in Brooklyn," said Trump."My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. I came into Manhattan, and I had to pay him back, and I had to pay him back with interest."
Donald has a lot of nerve with this answer.
Now I know, many of you are thinking "well a million dollars isn't that much money." You have to remember that Donald got the million dollars in 1971. And, according to an inflation calculator, $1 million in 1971 is the equivalent to more than $5.8 million in 2015.

How can I relate to your struggle when your dad shelled out 6 million bucks for you to start your business with out of college?

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and as I have tried to explain before that running a business is harder than you think. Youve never had one before so you dont know. And the fact that everyone on the left thinks "oh he started with 5 million, that aint rough" or "thats not fair/easy" is absurd. The day you run a buisness and understand the hassles that strict goverment restrictions places on you then tell me he had it easy. Cause every business owner I know and am good friends with will tell you otherwise.
I think we can both agree that it is hard to run a business, but it is also hard to run a successful career. yea? @straightshooter @nasiepawz Both Eminem and Trump had a bit of opportunity (Eminem the music deal, Trump the loan of money). then turned both of those into empires of their own. I think it’s also good to reflect on how these stories might be inspiration to each of us. we also use our own experience to see their live as successful. You might come from a business background and see trump as successful, you might come from a music background and see Eminem as successful. these people are successful to you because of your own background. :)
Oh I dont doubt that it isnt hard for Eminem. He has to constantly keep creating new songs and raps to stay popular. My only argument is against people who look at trump and dont think he didnt start from the bottom. Believe me, someone who helps keep up and works on foreclosed houses I can say for a fact that some of these properties that we show up to look like run fown shaks. By the time were done they finally look liveable again. Think about how much money that takes?? Its unsurd to think otherwise that he didnt work from the bottom. You need money to get into real estate. My bosses partner had 3 million so theyre not that different except we take on regular houses and the property he maintained was more expensive. That a side yea I can agree that eminem has worked hard. I personally enjoy his music. But entertainment and real estate is as similar as apples and oranges
Totally! @starightshooter! and it sounds like you have a lot of personal experience with that field so you would have a better knowledge of hard it actually is :)
Yes I do. Ive been doing this with my father and boss for over 2 years. Dude we pulled up on a house one day, a small two story house. The porch had collapsed and needed to be replaced. ALL the copper pipes were ripped from the walls so the house had no plumbing or dry wall. The house had a broken back sliding glass door as well as the bathrooms needing to be replaced. The total for all the man power for 1 week on this house including the materials to replace was over 35k. 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS in just 1 week and the house was extremely small. That also didnt include the 16 square roof that cost 20 thousand to replace because it all had to be torn off. In total it was 55 thousand dollars. Now magnify that by 10 on a larger house. People dont realize the true cost. And thats just for 1 house dude.