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Somehow, someway, Donald Trump's campaign still has legs.
One of the (many) flaws in his campaign is his inability to connect and relate with the everyday American. Citizens who start with very little and attempt to build an empire seem to shy away from Trump.
Yesterday, Trump appeared on the Today show and had a chance to make up lost ground with that voter base when posed a question from a member of the studio audience.
A registered Republican in attendance asked The Donald if, with the exception of his family, if he’s ever been told “no” in his life. Trump replied that he's been told no his entire life, and discussed the "pressure and struggle" during his rise to the top.
"It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me. And, you know, I started off in Brooklyn," said Trump."My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. I came into Manhattan, and I had to pay him back, and I had to pay him back with interest."
Donald has a lot of nerve with this answer.
Now I know, many of you are thinking "well a million dollars isn't that much money." You have to remember that Donald got the million dollars in 1971. And, according to an inflation calculator, $1 million in 1971 is the equivalent to more than $5.8 million in 2015.

How can I relate to your struggle when your dad shelled out 6 million bucks for you to start your business with out of college?

How is Trump still in the race for president.
Totally @Straightshooter! what a cool success story about your boss! it’s definitely an example of how hard work plays a huge role into becoming successful in the business world. And I think Trump has a similar story. coming from my perspective though, I have to say that I’ve never really had 1 million to work and build with, so when someone says that it’s a little off-putting. then again, if I work hard maybe in a year I could. haha! I just needed to relate it to how money works in my life.
I totally get what you are saying @Straightshooter, in terms of using money and getting creative with it to create an empire. and we can’t argue that Donald Trump isn’t successful in doing that. He totally is. I think what @christianmordi was trying to say that saying that phrase really can’t help relate to the middle or lower class. they don’t really understand it and it comes off as privileged. sort’ve like a scientist trying to teach basic chem to a middle schooler, it doesn’t really make sense and comes off in a bad way.
lol this whole article is hilarious XD Last time I checked its not a crime for a parent to help out their children. All of our parents do it. Out of high school they buy us a car or help cosign for student loans and houses. So yea I think if a successful man like trumps father, who was VERY well off, wanted to dish out more to make sure his son's buisness was successful then shit I dont see what the big deal is from people on the left. You people HATE successful people so much and CONSTANTLY bitch, whine, and complain, especially from those who started from the bottom, about every thing they do. DID YOU KNOW that in order to own a five guys food chain consisting of 4 stores that you need to have AT LEAST a net value of 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!! This guy was in real estate so OBVIOUSLY that means he needs EVEN MORE MONEY to cover property damage, materials, etc. I swear you people on the left are FUCKING MORONS WHO KNOW NOTHING OF RUNNING ANY SORT OF BUISNESS!
Yes I do. Ive been doing this with my father and boss for over 2 years. Dude we pulled up on a house one day, a small two story house. The porch had collapsed and needed to be replaced. ALL the copper pipes were ripped from the walls so the house had no plumbing or dry wall. The house had a broken back sliding glass door as well as the bathrooms needing to be replaced. The total for all the man power for 1 week on this house including the materials to replace was over 35k. 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS in just 1 week and the house was extremely small. That also didnt include the 16 square roof that cost 20 thousand to replace because it all had to be torn off. In total it was 55 thousand dollars. Now magnify that by 10 on a larger house. People dont realize the true cost. And thats just for 1 house dude.
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