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Looking for moral support for my Alice in Wonderland Reboot manga. I have 80 pages hand written and ready to come to life. Show some love and I'll keep you posted. Major supporters could find themselves as citizens of Wonderland or maybe even more important roles all the way up to main and reoccurring characters.
I'm also looking for looking for monsters and ghouls so if you have a sketch or just an idea post it and I might just bring it to life. So keep an eye out and see this amazing new world of Wonderland.
@buddyesd see the preview?
@ButterflyBlu I set up a go fund me so I could try and hire a team to work on a bunch of project, so maybe one day soon everyone will see a lot of our work floating around XD
@ButterflyBlu no problem lol I want this to get big so I can hire my otaku friends to do the music and voices once I get to the animation XD most otaku have a lot of talent but can't find opportunities to get spotted and I aim to change that
@ButterflyBlu Thanks I'll tag you in all the updates lol the trailer/spoiler will be out in the next few weeks
not yet I'm gonna see it now
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