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Common is a legend in the hip-hop realm, and is looking to build his status in the world of cinema.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Common has landed a role as the major villain opposite Keanu Reeves in the upcoming film John Wick 2.

While details on the plot are thin, Common will reportedly play the head of security for a female crime lord. Keanu Reeves stars as the John Wick, an ex-hitman who is forced back into work when gangsters invade his home and kill his dog. The sequel to 2014’s surprise hit John Wick begins shooting this week and will be directed by Chad Stahleski.
Common has done a lot of work to build himself up to this point. Common played James Bevel in last year’s critically acclaimed film Selma, starred in the Liam Neeson-led Run All Night earlier this year. I really liked his role in Run All Night, and I expecting big things for this film as well. Not to many were talking about John Wick before it released, but the camera work, plot and action scenes were on point. I expect this movie to be a launchpoint for Common.
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John Wick was a pleasant surprise - incredibly violent - but authentic... the story of a man lost in the throes of deep personal loss who is then pushed over the edge by the thoughtless arrogance of an entitled, spoiled, rich mafia kid... It's a throw-back to Charles Bronson's "Deathwish" movies in a way... a man with a past who wants to be left in peace learns that no matter how hard he tries to deny the purpose of his existence the universe finds ways to draw him back into the life he was always meant to live. I see John Wick as a sort of human Angel of Death. He's in most things neutral. He's balanced in that he's not an indiscriminate, ruthless, heartless thug. He's a gentleman with a code of honor and a sense of integrity. Just don't step between him and those he's marked for death in his quest for vengeance; his quest to right the wrongs of his past and seek some sort of redemption for the choices of his youth. It's a quintessential anti-hero/hero role and I was truly shocked that Keanu Reeves did such a convincing and emotionally approachable portrayal. He's certainly good at physical - stylized roles with little need for conveying a deeper emotional motivation; this role was very well emoted which I found very refreshing.