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I was hired to do architectural photography of a historic landmark home built in 1939 in Santa Barbara. Sitting on top of the mountain overlooking the city with stunning 360 degree views of the coast, ocean, Channel Islands, and mountains, I found the most unlikely of guardians in the garden next to the guest house; a life size statue of the Silver Surfer. I asked the caretaker of the property why there was a life size Silver Surfer statue in the garden and all they'd tell me is that the owner of the home was/is associated with Marvel and the statue was made as a promotional piece for the premier and red carpet event for the Fantastic Four - Silver Surfer movie. Here's the fun thing about doing photo shoots in Southern California; you never know what to expect. I was hired to document an historic landmark home. I have no idea who owns it. I can tell you with no hesitation that I never would have suspected that at this home I'd find a life sized Silver Surfer in the garden. It's a photojournalist Christmas in October situation. I asked if I could shoot several shots of the surfer for my own use and they were perfectly ok with it. I'll post them a little later today for the communities here to enjoy. If you are a comics/Marvel/Silver Surfer fan you're gonna get a treat... this is something that you don't come across every day.
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Aaaah I saw your cards backwards XD But this looks amazing! I'm looking forward to finding out more :D