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D' man.. Style?... this word is too small for him.. lol
I think he has try everything, from Conservative to Gothic..
and everything looks good on him..
I mean what doesn't.?
everything. everything
I really enjoy all his style. and sometimes you find yourself waiting for what's next?
and he look just and simply gorgeous.. he carries himself naturally in each style.
He is definitely out of this world
hats down for G-Dragon..
G-Dragon. . The King of Style..
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I love everything about his style. An I think the majority of him being able to wear whatever is his I don't care what you think attitude towards critic's.
2 years ago·Reply
please show me your ways gd oppa
2 years ago·Reply
perfection at it's finest.
2 years ago·Reply
Wow stunned
2 years ago·Reply
the only person I have ever seen that looks good on anything a day everything
2 years ago·Reply