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This is pound for pound the funniest television segment on in 2015.
Boxing great Mike Tyson was a special guest on The Jimmy Fallon show last night to promote his show "Mike Tyson Mysteries." The segment was FULL of quotables an unforgettable moments.
My god, I have no idea where to start on this one.
Jimmy begins the segment out by calling the show a mesh of "Scooby Doo meets Mr.T." Tyson went on to say "I can't wait to get to Season 3rd, because.." which is obviously a horrible use of grammar (which no one had the balls to call him out on, I mean would YOU call out Mike Tyson if he used poor grammar??)
This highlight of the segment started near the back end, when Jimmy Fallon called out Questlove for posting a hilarious meme meshing Mike Tyson & Drake's song "Hotline Bling" on his Instagram account. Rather than getting upset by the meme Tyson instead brought the photo to life by getting up and singing his own version of the hit song, which was unforgettable.
Jesus I wish this segment was longer than 2:45 seconds. Mike Tyson is one funny guy.
I'd correct his grammar, yo. He's actually nice as hell. Nothing like what people think. ^.^
Mike Tyson needs to record a cover album.