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Lifetime With Hakyeon
So I wanted to do this one in secret for @kelseyblair and @kpopandkimchi ^°^ hope this satisfies your hunger CX
Imagine him curious when he sees you for the first time
he threatens his friends when they talk about you
when you're not looking, he looks at you like this *-*
he tries to hit on you
and playfully seduce you~
he likes to have deep conversations with you
he gets nervous when someone asks him if he likes you
he refuses to do gwiyomi for anyone other than you
he likes to sleep with the stuffed animal you gave him
and embarrass you in public
and he dedicates every love song to you

Hope you liked this one ^^

If you have any people suggestions, let me know and I'll make it happen :) *sings Jimin's high part in Let Me Know*
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