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Metta World Peace Is Raffling Away His DPOY Award For ‘Family Defense
Metta World Peace is all about giving back to those in need.
The talented wing has had many ups and downs with his career on the court, but has always been a steady and active supporter of those in need.
Today, Metta World Peace keeps the ball rolling as he will donate his 2003-2004 defensive player of the year trophy to charity.
World Peace has decided to donate the money collected from the auction of his 2003-2004 defensive player of the year award to "Family Defense" charity.
World Peace said after practice Sunday that the goal is to raise $2 million to help young men become better partners and fathers. He initially said the trophy would be raffled off, but his publicist said Monday the giveaway will be a “sweepstakes” format and launch on World Peace’s birthday, Nov. 13.
“A lot of kids learn … how to calls girls ‘b’s’ and ‘h’s,'” World Peace said. “What about learning how to be a good father and be a good partner?”
How cool is this?
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