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Hey i' here to talk about one of my FAVORITE ladies in the world it's IU
She's extremely talented being a singer, song writer ,and actress
(she actually introduced me to K-Drama.... Pretty Man guys if you haven't seen it then PLEASE WATCH IT)
This music video is very cute,playful,colorful, and fun so jam guys dont be shy :)
"Lyrics please?"
Asked for and delivered :D The hook up shall always be granted for you guys :P
Question Time:
What do you guys think about IU overall. Do you like her music? Do you just like her as an actress? Let me know your thoughts on her down below :)
Thats it guys have a great day, i'll see you tomorrow with another SOTD!!!


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I like her as both singer and actress,also writer. she's talented but works really hard. she's amazing, I absolutely love songs that comes from her heart and her voice.