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Hey you! yeah you ☺❀
I never thought of this before.. Like it's tons of ways to spread the word of GOD to people so I figured how about you can still tell people about the lord through kpop?? Like you love both but of course GOD is more important and you should be more focus on him. I'm not sure if there's a lot of Christians who love kpop but we know we're not suppose to get too distracted with it haha but just keep it a minimum to the point we don't completely forget about about him you get what I'm saying?? Well if you have something you want to share, please do so... I would like to hear your thoughts or advice.
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Thank you ☺😊 that's great πŸ‘β€ At first, I didn't have the courage but some how I thought it through and decided hey why not? It will be a great thing to do and I will get blessed for this πŸ™ @Yongsongmi
Hey this is off subject, but I was looking at your bio and it says your an Aquarius I am too lol @Yongsongmi