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I never thought of this before.. Like it's tons of ways to spread the word of GOD to people so I figured how about you can still tell people about the lord through kpop?? Like you love both but of course GOD is more important and you should be more focus on him. I'm not sure if there's a lot of Christians who love kpop but we know we're not suppose to get too distracted with it haha but just keep it a minimum to the point we don't completely forget about about him you get what I'm saying?? Well if you have something you want to share, please do so... I would like to hear your thoughts or advice.
@thePinkPrincess i agree i try not to use the term idol too i dont like it and I totally agree there are plenty of times ive almost love focus especially when i got the opportunity to see Big Bang but i made sure to thank the man who blessed with that opportunity. and i love this card i think this is a perfect way to spread Gods word
Ur so right about that. And there are times where I'm dangerously close to losing focus but I'm starting to do better. Love this post by the way.
wow I'm so happy to hear that :) that's awesome xD @Marilovexoxo @addri
And that's also why I get a little nervous when people call them idols. That's why I try not to use that term often
lol awesome xD @Yongsongmi
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