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Hey everyone!! I am back from my month hiatus although i'm sure none of you remember or know me!! it's so sad. But I'm ready to get to know all the newbies!!
So, question!
(1) What would you all name your own kpop club?
My friend and I (xinnim, spam her) have come up with horrible names so far which are practically plagiarism.
I'm embarrassed to even write them here but oh well, so you all can see my struggle:
* Seoulkpop
* Run Korea Run / Run Kpop Run
* K-Seoul
* Alllllllllllllllllkpop
* Kpopunited
* K.Will.Pop
* OnetheK
* After School Klub
* Show Me The K
* Oh kpop! / Omo kpop
* Infinite Kpop
* Return of Kpop
* Kpop jjang
I am so ashamed but I am not very creative, mostly xinnim
(2) What would you do in the club, what kind of activities?
Imagine kpop karaoke especially when you know NONE of the lyrics! Kpop cosplay, learning inaccurate kpop dance moves, splitting the members into groups and competing to see whose the better kpop groups (With incorrect korean subtitles).
(3) What kind of logo would you make or mascot would you use?
Maybe make a logo similar to the matoki (B.A.P) or Vixx's logo. Maybe mix them up...
(4) What kind of contests or fundraisers would you do?
Competing in mini games similar to Running Man and/or seeing who can best imitate Celebrities (e.g. San-E, Jessi, G-Dragon, etc.)
What you think?
1. It would be named Kdom (kpop kingdom) 2. Probably work to get money to go to concerts/give gifts to idols. Also group watch kdramas, discuss new kpop mvs, talk about controversies, maybe try to do a korea day where we do booths about kcultue, korean food, learn the dance, and kpop karaoke contests (I'm imagining this like in a school). 3. Our logo would probably be like a K with the SK flag, something like that (not super creative). 4. Do bake sakes with korean food
I'm glad to meet you ... I'm kinda new but I will send some cards you might enjoy ... in the meantime I like your ideas alot ... where would you open this club? I would see definately check it out ... What would I name a club .... hmmmm that would take some thought - it would need to really be clever to pique everybodies attention - even those not familiar with Kpop or Korea ... like maybe something like Haellue(sp?) Seoul Cafe/BBQ Grill ... there could be a dance floor with instructors to teach music video dance routines - my first request would be Beast's Fiction dance routine ... definitely an area for Korean music Karaoke complete with Trot so there would be something for every age group ... another area for learning Korean games ... also an area for Korean BBQ (like a Mongolean grill) for bulgogie and mondu and kimchi ... there are so many possibilities ... Anyway - thanks for the great ideas.
1. The Yak Pack 2. We would fangirl over Bobby, Yugyeom, B.I and Seventeen. Make horrible photoshops with these members and yaks. And be adorable. 3. It would look like a diamond yak. 4. Hm not sure. Good question. Oh wait... This might exist already as a chat...
All of the things you mentioned are amazing! And for the club name, I liked Seoulkpop for the rest I Don't know lol
Yay Welcome Back :) I would call it Camp Squad (P.T.M) lol We would probably reenact kdramas and definitely tons of karaoke Fundraisers would be mini fashion shows and cooking contests
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