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Hello, Vingle. I am new here, and as is the thing to do I'm introducing myself, after some hesitation (0ctober is pretty introverted and talks to himself through the voices in his head a lot). ...anyways I got this mostly to learn Japanese but have already started following some other anime collections too. I'm a gamer, a Pokemon veteran trainer, otaku, and always up for movies and grim humor. I draw, write, and design games when the motivation strikes. So hello all, I'll probably randomly pop up in your comments section after hours of lurking in your collections!
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I like you. You like a me?
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Hahaha @TerrecaRiley <3
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Hi @0ctober!!! Welcome to Vingle!!! :D It's good to meet you! I'm Alli :) I'm happy to see you're joining the Food, Cooking, and Alcoholic Drinks communities ;) that's my jam! I also LOVE the Love & Relationship community. :3 Oh, and Funny!! You should definitely join Funny as well :D Vingle is basically the best place ever, everyone is so nice. I hope to see you around soon :)
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And definitely message me (or @tayhar18920 !!! :D) if you ever have any questions! :D
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@allischaaff will do thank you! I have joined Funny as well. I'm liking all these collections.
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