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Hello, Vingle. I am new here, and as is the thing to do I'm introducing myself, after some hesitation (0ctober is pretty introverted and talks to himself through the voices in his head a lot). ...anyways I got this mostly to learn Japanese but have already started following some other anime collections too. I'm a gamer, a Pokemon veteran trainer, otaku, and always up for movies and grim humor. I draw, write, and design games when the motivation strikes. So hello all, I'll probably randomly pop up in your comments section after hours of lurking in your collections!
welcome to vingle, October, huge fan of your work on Halloween
Hi @0ctober!!! Welcome to Vingle!!! :D It's good to meet you! I'm Alli :) I'm happy to see you're joining the Food, Cooking, and Alcoholic Drinks communities ;) that's my jam! I also LOVE the Love & Relationship community. :3 Oh, and Funny!! You should definitely join Funny as well :D Vingle is basically the best place ever, everyone is so nice. I hope to see you around soon :)
I like you. You like a me?
@TylerOrtega I am not either -.- it was a fun little experiment that has spiraled out of my control
Welcome my birth month. I didn't know you were an actual entity lol. In all seriousness. welcome you will have fun
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