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Seriously, is there any sentence that is more powerful, a sentence that makes you feel even worse? It truly is THE sentence with the power of making you remember all the bad things you did. And the thing is, the use of it is usually not even that bad, at least I think so. What is your opinion, your perspective or your experience with it?
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than you are a lucky person haha @MelissaMae
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@rodiziketan I TOTALLY feel this. When your mom or SO or boss says, "I need to talk to you," or "Can I talk to you for a minute?" it's like my heart jumps into my throat. I get so worried that I did something wrong!!!
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It's basically the same thing but when someone says "I need to tell you something later." Oh my God I hated hearing that, even if I knew it wasn't bad. Just the anxiety of wondering what that person wanted to tell me, you know?
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those tricky phrases... haha @Dynamo
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@rodiziketan I know right??
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