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This game sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I've been searching for the right bottle of soju and I FINALLY found one!!!! I wish I had friends that watched KDramas
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lol you'd be drinking like every 5 minutes!
Hahaha right??!! I've never had soju so I've always wondered how strong it is because I always see them finish atleast 2 or 3 bottles by themselves!!! Yeeah we'd definitely get alcohol poisoning lol
@krin trust me it's strong I have a bottle.
I have a few friends that watch KDrama once in awhile. I'm trying to get them to drink soju, so I mix it with Melona or peach, pasoguava's sooo good. I've had it with cranberry & mostly just straight up shots, or in beer ...
@DeniseNishikawa since this card, I've tried it straight and I seriously don't understand how they can drink so much of this stuff lol. I'll definitely have to try it out with those juices!!! It sounds amazing 馃槏馃槏