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1) Sebastian from Black Butler
2)Zero from Vampire Knight
3) Rin from Blue Exorcise
4) Soul from Soul Eater
5)Mikaela from Seraph of the End
Comment on which one u like and these anime is not the one u like comment a pic of fav anime boy
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What about Alen Walker from D.Grey Man
2 years ago·Reply
I don't think cute is the right choice of words but if you called these anime guys hot or sexy then I would totally agree. Cute anime boys would be like Ciel.
2 years ago·Reply
Zero!!!!!! ♥‿♥(灬ºωº灬)♡(☆^O^☆)(;Д;)(★^O^★)
2 years ago·Reply
totally agree
2 years ago·Reply
where is Sinbad?!?!? I need to see Sinbad on this list!!!!
2 years ago·Reply