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f(x) 4 Walls What do you guys think of this song? Yes or No I know I'm a bit late but I just wanted to give my opinion. I've been hearing that this song is very similar to Shinee's View and that f(x) is basically the female version of Shinee......Well I agree with both but that's really apart of SME's bad habit of using the same set designs and aesthetic plots for mv's. The music for View and 4 Walls was also written by some of the same people.... But this song is very good in my honest opinion. I liked View and now I like this. The whole spacy and different dimension or alternate universe thing they were going for in 4 Walls was very unique and cool. I very much liked the idea of time stopping and stepping into an alternate world and then going back to your own just to stop something from happening. I have to admit though that I am surprised by the song and the mv. I very much thought that f(x) would be capitalizing on the fact that there are only 4 members now. But then again I guess they did. Although the song is talking about love, it feels as though they are saying that they love each other and are still getting to know each better like lovers do. It's like they are emphasizing that they are now closer than ever even though there are four and that they don't want to part....
Here are the lyrics from English Translation: The flower that is emotion blooms in a short moment With not one speck of dust it perfectly overcomes it’s beginning An unfamiliar blue light shines, the thing that makes me dizzy Mysteric That moment that surprises me, until a deep secluded place, the blue that spreads that is you You silently approach me, a mirage that is spread before only me Love is 4 Walls, The Mirror Mirror that’s filled up by you Love is 4 Walls, The mysterious maze, maze Opening the door that grew before me, carefully treading towards the light And I had the answers but now they mean nothing cuz these walls caught me here with something Opening a new door, as I open them these 4 walls that grew more with you These New walls that are different colours again, this New World I’m falling deeper into A bright light is lit, I can’t take my eyes off for even a moment, you’re beautiful Within the invisible mirror that drew me in, you who are not me shines The moment I meet your eyes, my heart’s already Blue Whenever I take a breath, the mirage that I see differently Love is 4 Walls, The Mirror Mirror that’s filled up by you Love is 4 Walls, The mysterious maze, maze Show me more Within my large embrace, the surprising Fantasy The more I get to know you, I can’t escape Since wherever is good, till the end of the world, bring me with you The moment you spread out your hand, the Blue that is you sways like a blue wave Slowly becoming more charmed, the mirage that shines clearly Love Love is 4 Walls, The Mirror Mirror that’s filled up by you Love is 4 Walls, The mysterious maze, maze It’s beautiful Ooh- It’s beautiful Ooh- Read more: Follow us: @kpoplyrics_net on Twitter | kpoplyricsnet on Facebook
I like the song but don't really care for the MV. I did like the underwater scene though. It was so pretty! 😍
Not my cup of tea. but I'm not knocking it. ppl like different stuff
I really like it! I actually really like the whole album~ its really awesome! ^^
I think so too @RobertMarsh I loved it listening to it the first time
I really love this song.. I've been a fan of theirs for a while and this is definitely one of their best
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