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The "Hack-A-Player" method started during the days of dominant center Shaquille O'Neal has become a popular trend in the NBA.

While some players or coaches don't like the rule, Adam Silver says the rule is here to stay.

"I'm not going to say we're never going to change it, but we'll look at it closely," Silver said during an appearance on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike. "We had a long discussion about with the competition committee this summer and the decision was to leave it and let's continue to track it.
"My inclination is not to change it, but we'll continue to watch it."
Silver said while he does see both sides of the fence, he believes that keeping the rule as it stands is for the greater good for all in the NBA.
"It's bad, I get it, from an aesthetic standpoint, from an entertainment standpoint, for fans," Silver said. "On the other hand, I hear from literally thousands of coaches -- not just from the United States but from around the world -- saying, 'You cannot change this rule. What lesson does that send? The kids who are learning the game, this is a fundamental part of the game: A guy's got to be able to make free throws.'

How do you feel about the Hack-A-Player rule? Should we keep it as it stands or take it out of the game.

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Personally, I think it should stay. It's just part of the game and if players want to overcome that, then just practice their free throws for god's sake haha